Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Size of Things

How big is Australia - If your talking size - check out the maps of other countries overlayed on Australia.
If you're talking population, then we are only small.
The USA maybe slightly larger in size than Australia, marginally and has a population of 312m.
France has 65m, Germany 81m, Spain 46m, and the UK has 62m.
Judging by the map, you could put all of Europe and the UK into Australia and that combined is a population of 564m people - Australia's current population is 22m.
We do like to spread out on the couch. We get a little edgy in crowds. We like our own space.


  1. So Wales, in comparison, is really small with a population of about 3 million. I think we do well to get anywhere near close in rugby terms!!!

    interesting post. I knew Australia was big, but your comparisons really illustrate this.

    I guess also most of the population is based in a relatively small area of Australia?

    We've got Australia and New Zealand lined up for a long retirement trip. Roll on ......

  2. Fascinating. How do Australians manage when they come to crowded countries like ours? It drives me mad and I've always lived here. (Mostly anyway.)

  3. Gaynor - 3m is the population of Melbourne where we live. Most of our population live in the coastal areas but you wouls be surprised by the rural population.
    As for your retirement trip, keep us posted. You never know, Melbourne may be on your list.
    I guess when we visit France, we are never daunted by long car trips.

  4. Jean,
    We love France, and Paris. Also because we find the French so polite, we cope very well.
    I think I would find the Asian countries difficult with their over-population.
    I do believe having now enjoyed our travels to France, we are still very fortunated to have been transported to the colonies a couple of centuries back. Can you imagine, you stole a loaf of bread so we are transporting you from cold wet England to sunny Australia.
    Oh, no!!!!

  5. You all mostly live around the coast though. There is a mighty big (almost) empty space in the middle :) Diane

  6. That's right Diane. Aussies are mostly coastal dwellers. That big empty space in the middle seems to be where our overseas tourist like to go. Strangely enough I've not been there. The big Rock, Kakadu, the Kimberley - maybe one day we'll become "Grey Nomads" in our retirment years.

  7. Hi Leon and Sue,I am back from my travels and am now busily trying to catch up with all my favourite bloggers, who have all been so busy in my absence. You certainly had some interesting posts for me to browse through this evening, I enjoyed them all but this has to be my favourite. :)

  8. LLM, it seems that several bloggers are taking a break. Do you have some recommendations of any blogs I might enjoy reading - It seems you would know my interests by now.
    Welcome home.


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