Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We were still very excited being back in Paris for the week. As I said earlier, we were in the hub of the Left Bank and if our window was open, the sound of the street found its way to our ears. It was getting dark, we'd finished dinner and the weather was balmy. What better time to walk the streets.

Walking down our small narrow street, we came to the Saint Germaine fountain and lingered for a short time to take in the ambience. People were happy, friendly and enjoing the night air.

Terrible photo but it was a little pocket Canon - still it was nice on the night.
The Seine just seems to be the place for lovers (old or young) to walk hand in hand.
We did!!!

We never get bored with a visit to Notre Dame and at night - WOW!

We were in the company of others enjoying Paris and Notre Dame on a perfect night.

How lovely Notre Dame looks at night.

And then we walked the Latin Quarter for some true entertainment - what a perfect first night back in Paris.

Some Daggy Dancing

We planned to explore Paris with more vigor this time. Previously in 2006, we only touched on Paris with a few days either side of our rural France meandering. This time we had a whole week. I had a chance to catch up with a cycling friend, we had an opportunity to explore the museums, the cafes, the markets and just suck in the Parisian ambience. Little did we know that we were to return (at the time of writing) for several more visits.

Over the next week - we visit three of the major Paris Museums before returning to Melbourne - Our Home by the Bay


  1. Now you're really making me heart-sick for beautiful Paris. Le Notre Dame is such a delight and as your pic shows at night it's truly beautiful. Love all your pics.
    Have you been to see the movie "Midnight in Paris"?

  2. Yes - saw Midnight in Paris and loved it for its sights, its humour (Woody Allen)and a great relaxing friday end of the week movie.

  3. Oooooops I slipped up again!!! Better late than never. Paris by night is something else and your photos despite being only a pocket camera show it up.
    I am way behind with everything at the moment. I am feeling a little better but it is really going slowly and I get distracted easily at the moment :) Diane

  4. Diane - Sounds like you are improving and I see you have many well-wishers which must help.


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