Saturday, October 01, 2011

Yaaaaay! Broadband back to normal.

Yes, that's right - 1st of the month and the broadband is back to normal speed.
I've been having Blog withdrawels. Not only have I not been able to blog but even reading my favorite Blogs has been so slow that I gave up - much reading to do this weekend but so much is happening.
Tell you all about it Sunday night.
Meanwhile here's a Saturday song from another Aussie artist. This is a much rearranged version.

Mike Rudd formed Spectrum in the 60s - he still singing "I'll be gone" almost 50 years later and I still love it.


  1. David Lebovitz is in Australia. Don't know if he will make it down to Melbourne.

  2. Fingers crossed that it doesn't let you down .......

    Sometimes the broadband in our village is so slow you'd think you were on dial up! its a real pig as my husband works from home for a US software company and is consequently reliant on our connection.

    Our village in France is better.

    That settles it .... The only way to proceed is for me to retire, and him to work from France!

    Why ever didn't I think of that before?

  3. Nadege - I see he's in Sydney.

    Diane - This weekend is tiurning out to be a big one. I'd better get on to it now.

    Gaynor - My broadband problem relates to my two son's downloads.
    I also work a little from home and I know how your husband must feel when the internet is slow. Mostly its good here. I do like your concept of living in France though.

  4. Hi Leon,
    Are you sure your son isn't my son too?
    Besides our 'slow' broadband speed last year we were also 'capped' for six months because my son exceeded our limit on too many occasions!


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