Sunday, October 02, 2011

BIG WEEKEND - remembering a friend and joining others...

Starting with farewelling a special lady on Friday, it was a big weekend. My special friend was a special friend to many of us in the Cycling Community. We met while training under the same coach for the World Master's Track Cycling Championships in 2007. The group was quite close and we spent a few years together every Saturday morning and Thursday evenings honing our skills. Karen Munro was a pursuiter but rode all events. She was happy, funny, determined and great company. She particularly enjoyed the company of my Dad Jack (remember, he's 90) who would watch each training session and we'd enjoy a little socialising after training. Karen was diagnosed with lung cancer maybe two years ago and in that time she formed "Ride Hard - Breathe Easy" to bring awareness to the public and raise funds for research.
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Karen and with her Husband Steve rode with the Warragul Cycling Club and the service was held nearby - after the service Steve had organised for Karen to take one last lap of the Velodrome as her family and friends placed a rose on the track in her memory. She leaves a legacy of a junior cycling program within the Club that I would imagine will carry her name onward.

MELBOURNE celebrated the end of the footy season with the Grand Final between two Melbourne clubs this year despite it being a national competition. Collingwood, last year's Premiers were beaten by Geelong in a hard fought game. We were invited to join friends to watch the big game. Now I need to say the Sue and I have very little involvement with the sport, we don't even know the names of all the clubs let alone the names of the players. BUT, this is the pinnacle of the sport and its always good to spend time with friends, good food and a glass or two of your favorite beverage.

As it all turned out, Geelong were able to defeat last year's champions. After the match, it was back home to prepare for another friend's 50th birthday celebration - it was a fancy dress in a fairy tale theme and Julie's guests went all-out.

Julie is one of my morning ride partners - she loves pink and has the most infectious laugh.

These pics were taken on my mobile phone - not great quality but they do show the fun we had.

Some really took the theme to extreme as did my mate Darren (Mad Hatter) , another morning rider.

A few of the guests tried to bite on this fellow.

Kings, Queens, noblemen,they were all there.
SPRING with SUMMER on its way.Being the start of a new month, its great that our broadband is back at normal speed. Its allowed us to read some of our regular blogs. With the start of October and daylight saving, its noticeable that Spring has sprung in Melbourne. The blogs that we take an interest in are mainly from France and we see that they are now preparing for winter. One of our readers requested that we post lots of photos of our summer garden, BBQ's in the yard and all things to remind them of their summer that is now fading into Autumn and then Winter.
We'll do our best in the coming months but here's a few photos of our spring.

Some green now welcomes us to the front door.

This tree is affectionately known as the "Stick". It sat in our front yard for years without growth so I replanted it in the back yard. Every year I have to cut it back. Being inspired by our trips to France and seeing how trees in the squares are trimmed, I give it a regular French trim every autumn.
Its Sunday arvo and the clouds, rain and thunder of the last few days have travelled on. I sit here looking out our study window while listening to Bruce Springsteen - the sky is blue and cloudless - green, yellow, purple and dark reds all fight for recognition in the yard - it will be a good spring/summer.
It gives me time to reflect on the good friends that Sue and I are grateful to know and have known.


  1. Sad news of Karen, what a waste.

    I will never understand Australian football it is a total mystery to me!! The party looks like a good time was had by all.

    Spring, we feel like we are in the middle of summer at the moment long may it last. I hope this is not a warning of winter in the extreme!!!!

    Glad you back up and running at full speed again, missed you. Bonne journée. Diane

  2. Diane - I'm with you on Aussie Footy - I actually fell asleep in the 3rd quarter, much to the amusement of my friends.
    Maybe your long summer means a mild winter.
    Good to be back. Enjoy tapping the keyboard.

  3. Life is for living, laughing and loving shared with a healthy dose of friendship. True wealth.
    By all accounts Karen was a very wealthy person and you're all the better for it.
    Nice one Leon.


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