Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday Song - WES CARR

Never been much of a fan with talent shows these days but Australian Idol this particular year had some very good performers.
Wes Carr came from South Aussie -  For some reason  Adelaide seems to have more than its fair share of talent, don't know why.
This bloke enthralled the judges from his very first audition and went right through to the finals to become the eventual winner. I quite enjoyed his songs, mostly covers from my favorite artists. Despite doing covers he was an accomplished song writer  played guitar and piano. You can find more of Wes Carr on You-Tube.


  1. I agree he has a certain stlye that's appealing - and he comes from my home town!!

  2. Adelaide gave us some great musicians over the years.

  3. And he is sooooo charming too. Great smile.

  4. He certainly charmed the judges Nadege


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