Sunday, September 25, 2011

Early Melbourne Scenes

This post is painfully slow as I'm working on dial-up speed here but I just need to put in an appearance.
Melbourne has put on a lovely spring weekend with the trees and plants giving off their new colours. Our garden is sprouting green, white, purple and red throughout the yard. The Jacaranda is starting to come to life after hibernating during winter.
The spring weather gave me a chance to mow lawns, organise hard rubbish for next weekend's hard rubbish collection and have a Sunday BBQ.

Anyone for an Ice Cream on such a lovely weekend?
Planning next May's trip to France is well underway with the flight tickets now booked and most of the accommodation confirmed. It should be a great 60th birthday for Sue to remember. A birthday dinner in Paris with family - doesn't get any better.

Or a cake and hot chocolate at a Melbourne Tea Room from the 30s.

And then we can finish off with a coffee on a Melbourne tram.
Only six more days before we are back on our regular broadband speed - but we will try to bring you Wednesday's in France even if I have to do it at work. It's about our first encounter with the Chateaux of the Loire.


  1. When I first came over to France I was on dial up....... I could not even load a photo!!!
    Ahhhhh Jacarandas, one of the things I miss most from S.Africa. We also had an albino one in our garden right next to the usual and they were stunning together. Hope we all get to celebrate the 60th :-) Diane

  2. Dial up - wow! yep long time happening there.
    Jacarandas - that's what I call my dad Jack these days coz in cold weather he has purple hands but at 90, he's doin' OK.
    Sue's 60th - could be a possibility. Planning well underway.

  3. Good to hear you are making plans for a special trip to Europe, no Italy this time then.

  4. LLM,
    Italy maybe 2013. Would love to return to ride LÉroica - a cycling event on the dirt roads of Toscana.


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