Thursday, September 15, 2011


Omphaloskepsis is contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation.[1]

The word comes from Greek omphalos (navel) + skepsis (act of looking, examination). Similar words are "omphaloskeptic" (one who engages in the practice) and "omphaloskeptical" (related to contemplation of one's navel).
Actual use of the practice as an aid to contemplation of basic principles of the cosmos and human nature is found in Indian yoga and sometimes in the Eastern Orthodox Church.[2] Some consider the navel to be "a powerful chakra of the body".[3][4]
However, phrases such as "contemplating one's navel" or "navel-gazing" are frequently used, usually in jocular fashion, to refer to self-absorbed pursuits.

I have no idea what this all means but I plucked it from Wikipedia and thought it sounded intelligent.

This last sentence is the one that Sue tends to slot me into with our (my) blogging.
It all started back in 2008 on our second trip to France. It was a way to keep family and friends involved with our adventures - "why would they want to" Sue asked? Again my ego jumped to my defence, "why would they not want to?" OK, that's me but then why blog, why write a book, why do anything?
Because its fun, you meet people, you learn stuff. OK, its good for the ego as well.

Well, here we are three years later and its been enormously satisfying and maybe even therapeutic.
November 2009 we (I) put a "Stats Thing" on our blog and only yesterday it ticked over to 50,000 hits.
I'm not sure how this all works, maybe somehow, some times, somewhere, someone does a Google thing and types in Melbourne and poor souls get our blog.
All I know is that we have met some nice people, get some nice comments and like I said, its therapy for some of us closet authors.

Whoever you are out there, and we know a few of you as commentors and fellow bloggers, thanks for popping in occasionally.

And to those who pop in, please leave a comment and say hello.


  1. LOL navel gazing. My thoughts at first were exactly what you are talking about, but my second thought was oh no it must mean something to do with ships, ha ha my first thoughts were correct. Interesting feature, Love your blog, and yes I also wonder sometimes how do all these people find us. Its a mystery to me. Keep blogging Diane

  2. Gazing at other people's navels is more fun than gazing at one's own ;-).

    And wait til you see what people actually search for on google! You'll wonder how on earth google came up with your blog as a response lol

  3. Diane - always enjoy your blog too. Much to learn.
    How come there's always fluff in my navel?

  4. Lawrence my dear - miss you deeply, where have you and that big tall man of yours been lately.
    I agree that the other's navel is much more attractive tha one's own.

  5. Not much time for navel gazing but "hello" anyway.
    (Diane, you visit a blog and read the comments. Because of either the name of the blog or the comment itself, you pay a visit and get hooked).

  6. Nadege - is work busy? I bet you are hooked on many blogs, glad you came to visit us though.

  7. Leon, I have a lot of blogs on my list but I really only check some of my favorites now. A lot of them were interesting at first but not that much anymore. Blogs have to be very well written with some good photos and recipes to keep me interested.
    I want to learn something and not waste my time. Plus I have been hooked watching Pete's pond on Mashatu (24 hour live webcam) Djuma cam and safari.There is Stacy "Aussie chick" from Melbourne who is also hooked on those sites and someone from Perth). Otherwise, work keeps me busy.


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