Friday, September 23, 2011


I notice that a few of my favorite Bloggers are taking a break. I'm forced into one till the end of the month unless I can steal someone's wifi. I'm afraid that I've run out of broadband for the month and I'm not sure why. I do have two sons that enjoy downloading movies and I did download "Lion in Winter" this month so that might have something to do with it.

I can't even read my favorite blogs at home as it takes toooooooo long to load. I'm having anxiety attacks - no decent internet, what did we fill our time up with before the internet? There might be a list of household jobs at home for the weekend.
Oh, I should explain, I'm doing this from work - better get back to it.
CYA Soon!


  1. I use TPG Unlimited. Inexpensive and speedy (enough).

  2. Thank goodness we have unlimited use, I would go nuts with restrictions. Our connection is slow but at least it 'usually' works. Looks like you will have to get the carrier pigeon out for the time being!!! See you in October LOL. Diane

  3. A non e-mouse,
    We have TPG at work which I'll use for a few posts over the next week.

    Diane - You have a cruel sense of humour. Actually we get restricted to slowness after we use our allocated gigs. Bit like dial-up speed. I can make a cup of tea while waiting for a web page to open.

  4. You can come and use mine so stop your whinging and start writing.

  5. Or you can use mine...increased to 100GB mth but now that boys have left home I use much much less... Problem is Bigpond have no cost effective "bundles" (for me anyway) between 5GB and 100GB - go figure... Nico

  6. Oh dear thank goodness as Diane says for unlimited use. I found it very hard though when we lost our internet connection for four days after a recent storm, how did we manage before.


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