Thursday, June 09, 2011

A very Funky Friday Fellow is our Leunig

Michael Leunig is a Melbourne Cartoonist - I think he qualifies as a Funky Friday Fellow.
He's been doing satire on politics particularly, and general life situations for an Australian newspaper and releases a calender each year. He's toyed with retirement on occasions but the general public like him too much to let him go away.

Not quite sure what tea pots, ducks and curly heads have to do with Leunig's persona but there is a theme in there somewhere.
He doen't seem to explain the meaning of his satire - he leaves it to us to figure it out for ourselves.

From the Cradle to the Grave

Our way of Life

And finally a bit of Leunig You Tube Whimsy


  1. I tried to post three times on tuesday about Sarlat and couldn't.
    Check out Genie's blog today. It is a photo of a restaurant on rue Montorgueil.

  2. I love the hitch-hiker but I would really like to know what the teapot theme is about!! Diane

    The teapot, worn like a fool's cap, symbolised warmth, nourishment and domestic familiarity. The duck represented feelings of primal freedom and playfulness.

  4. Nadege - you are my serial commentor and always with great info and great suggestions to follow up - which I did. We learn heaps from each other with Blogging.
    BTW - I've had difficulty with commenting on some sites lately as well and think its a general Blogger problem.

  5. Diane - no doubt you read Nadege's comment.


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