Sunday, June 26, 2011


As most readers would know, I have a little bit of a passion for cycling. Once a year one of my cycling colleagues who is passionate with the history of cycling and all the great European Classics runs an annual event called the MELBURN ROOBAIX. It travels the bluestone back lanes of Melbourne and the riders fantasize that they are riding the PARIS to ROUBAIX. Its a lot of fun and riders get dressed up to add colour to the event. In my case, I wear the Brooklyn Chewing Gum outfit that won the great classic many times on the shoulders of Roger DeVlamnick.

Leon say's "this way, I'm sure kiddies" 2010.

Definitely a very brave lady, 2010.
 More about that later - Saturday was a casual affair with a bit of a sleep-in before shopping. Sue asked what I'd like for dinner. My usual answer is Pasta or Meat. I suggested steak with some mushrooms.
I thought that it should get me through the Melburn Roobaix on Sunday.

That's Sue saying "hurry up and get a basket". (remember, Sue only talks in green) Sicluna's was having a tasting day. There was even a 3 piece jazz band entertaining the customers. So much more welcoming than the major supermarkets.
 So shopping it was on Saturday Arvo. We have this great shop in Mentone called Sicluna's that sells wonderful and sometimes hard to get produce, but always quality. On this particular Saturday, the place was very busy and there was much produce tasting and a small 3 piece jazz band playing some trad jazz. The staff are really helpful and friendly - no grumpy check-out chicks here.

So  many choices and so well displayed - Food Art.

Corn and asparagus.

I just love mushies - these are Swiss Browns.

She walks the streets of Mentone with goodies for tonight's dinner.

OK, we are home and we have the produce for tonight's dinner.

Oh, soooooo yummy. Feed the man meat.
OK, its now Sunday night and I'm home from the Melburn Roobaix 2011. A great day was had by all and I only put down one person on the cobbles. He's OK. The weather was chilling at the start @ 12 degrees and later warmed to around 17...The costumes were "interesting".... too say the least.

Got to the start in plenty of time which was a velodrome I raced on in 1965 - Gosh am I that old?

My mate Peter was Cat Man.

And Lawrence was showing her furry tongue - sorry folks.

The bikes were many and varied - its just a fun day...

Places to park your bike was at a premium, especially at the pub afterwards.

PMU was a sign that we saw in our travels throughout France. Sponsor of the green jersey for the Tour de France.

Cargo bikes have the capacity to carry precious goods.

Baguettes, Champagne, cheeses and other delights.
Melburn - what a great place to live.
 And that was the weekend that was.

From Thursday next weekend to Tuesday the following week I will be in Queensland - that's Brissie and the Gold Coast. I will post on my new surroundings then.


  1. Dinner looks right up my street... mushrooms were made to go with steak! The produce shop looks excellent and your bike day looks like fun. Sounds and looks like a great weekend. Have a good time in QLD!

  2. Yes it was a good weekend but I'm suffering from the activity and looking forward to some R&R includinf a little business in QLD but will keep posting while away.
    Enjoy you stories and glad you didn't stop blogging.
    You wonder sometimes if you are talking to your self. But its all good therapy anyway.

  3. Cheaper than a shrink eh? My best friend growing up lives in Brissie (Red Hill actually). He loves it but I couldn't deal with the humid summers.

  4. Phew! my tongue wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.....

    Another fun roobaix!!!

  5. Noyce one Leaping. Next year we'll have to get more creative and see if we can give Lawrence and Peter a run for their money. Game on!!


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