Thursday, June 02, 2011

Things Change

Like all cities, Melbourne has evolved.
By blogging, I'm learning more about my home town.

Earlier this week I had an appointment with my client, the Victorian Police Force in the CBD of Melbourne which is in Spencer Street. As I walked along Spencer Street to Flinders Street, I remembered a post I did previously on early Melbourne Markets. On Flinders Street we had the old Fish Market on the banks of the Yarra River which runs through our city.

Over the past year or so, this new building reached into the city skyline. I can't remember what was there before but it wasn't the old fish market. Whatever was there replaced the market and now it has been replaced by this new structure. i wonder what the fish market replaced????

I had my very battered Canon pocket camera with me and tried to position myself in the same location as I remembered the old photos were taken. I wasn't overly successful but you can get an idea of how things have changed in Melbourne. 

Looking down Flinders Street from the west side.

The new streetscape from about the same position. There's almost a similar architecture.

This scene is from the south side with the railway crossing the intersection of Flinders and Spencer. Notice the iron railway bridge,  it was widened after this picture to add a further track.

And here is the same scene in 2011.

And as I walked back towards my car, I walked under some of the original iron structure of that railway bridge that was most likely from the 1800s.

OK, I know its not a Funky Friday sort of post. Maybe next week....


  1. Nice! I love before and after photos of cityscapes.

  2. So do I but sometimes I prefer the before photos.

  3. Melbourne is a lovely city - I thought that it was quite European in places. Probably due to the expanse of parks.


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