Friday, June 17, 2011

Flinders Street Station

It's 6.50 am and I'm off to work but just a quick post on Flinders Street Station Melbourne - an iconic landmark of our city. More on the weekend.





  1. I started writing a comment because it looks like a train station but I was not sure so I had to Google Flinder st.
    Leon, do Australians use trains a lot like they do in Europe?

  2. I don't believe that they do as much but I'm not a good person to ask as my work is not on a public transport network and my work includes much car travel.
    While in France, I found the Metro and the TGV fantastic.

  3. A very handsome and grand building. The stone colour is lovely.

  4. Thanks Craig - It is a grand building - I must admit that sometimes we take every day sites for granted.

  5. Great photos Craig. I'm writing the memoirs of a friend who is 102 and he talks of Melbourne when he came over with the help of The Salvation Army on the Vedic in 1927. He has a few photos of his work out at the various farm stations but none of Melbourne itself. He's such a character and has just bought his first computer! Is there any chance of using one of your photos in his book?
    all the best
    Diana Jackson


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