Friday, June 10, 2011

One Saturday Song - ENZO and Nil Funn

Neil Finn teamed up with the New Zealand Orchestra


  1. I love Neil Finn. Your "FUNN" was funny. Isn't it odd how the NZ vowels are so flat? South Africa can be a bit like that too.

  2. Craig
    We have a Kiwi at work - she's been in Oz for over 30 years and she would still say Nil Funn.
    With the small population, the Nation achieve some amazing results around the world.

  3. When I was in New-Zeland, I could understand "their" english really well but I had to translate it sometimes to my american born husband. Now Australian english is another story. I understand my Aussie girlfriends well but sometimes in movies, I really need the subtitles. I love Tim too.
    (I still have problems signing on some blogs so I will just add an open ID).

  4. Nadege - You certainly have travelled the world.
    I actually watch Aussie movies with sub-titles myself sometimes and I always used sub-titles with the West Wing, not because of the accent - I just didn't want to miss any of the fantastic script writing.


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