Thursday, March 23, 2017


Trentham these days is 22 kms away from the nearest railway station. There are two, one at Kyneton, the other at Woodend. Should you wish not to drive, there is a regular bus service to the Woodend station. There was at one time a railway that ran from Daylesford through the smaller towns of Musk and Bullarto to Trentham and then on to Fernhill and meeting up with the Bendigo to Melbourne line. The Trentham station is now our Tourist Information Centre and is used for our monthly craft and garden market. Its also used for a starting point for our local Classic Car Club runs.

Commencing in 1880, it was a continuous working railway up until to 1978. As well as a passenger train, goods trains ran timber from several mills in the area. Being a prolific potato growing area, the goods train would transport produce to the markets in Melbourne.

Typical of Victoria's stations, the maroon and cream colour scheme has been retained although most of the existing rolling stock may well be past any form of restoration. Being halfway between the starting point of Daylesford and Woodend, it is the largest existing station where there is little sign left of the smaller stations on the past line.

From what I can see, it had three sets of tracks into the station with the goods train picking up produce from the north side. There is a tourist train that utilises the original tracks up the line which starts from Daylesford and ends at Bullarto, midway to Trentham. Maybe one day the line might be reopened to Trentham as a further tourist attraction, however I doubt it due to the cost.


  1. Great photos. so sad that rail routes have shrunk to nothing.
    I saw Trentham not too long ago. Saturday morning certainly rocks.

  2. Annie, More to come on our lovely new town - please keep following.

  3. Love these photos, great selection. Have a good day D & N xx

    1. Just got back from driving guests around town - a good start to a foodie weekend Diane.


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