Wednesday, March 15, 2017

6.30 am in Trentham

It was a mild 19 degree morning in Trentham this morning at 6.30 am.

Not bad for an autumn morning - not sure how I'll cope mid-winter when we get snow and below freezing mornings.
We have a small local group of cyclists in Trentham that I've met up with. We leave from the local Post Office corner. This morning's ride was a quick 35 km circuit that brought us back to our local cafe for coffee. Trentham is an amazing community. At 6.30 am I heard noises from our Post Office. Lizzy who runs the PO was at work sorting the morning mail. At 8.00 am when we were having coffee, she did a delivery to the owner Mel of Chaplin's Cafe - how is that for service?
While enjoying our cuppa, we had Barry, David, Greg, Tony all stopped by for a chat.
Geeez, I love this life here.

BTW, I had to go to the Melbourne CBD for a lunch with friends - so many people - so many contrasts. Suits walk briskly be homeless sitting on the side walk. It was great to meet up with my city mates for lunch but I was relieved to get back on the train to Trentham.

This building was once one of the many hotels in Trentham when gold and timber brought prosperity to Trentham. Today it is an antique shop.
Today there are two hotels - one is only open from Thursday to Sunday.


  1. Oh no, you have snow to look forward to in winter........ Take care Diane

    1. Diane,
      We sit approx 720m above sea level which is the great Dividing Range of Victoria. It spreads from the NSW and VIC snow fields of the Australian Alps down to us in Trentham. We get a flurry of snow each winter but when the day wears on the snow melts.


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