Friday, March 24, 2017

Le Boudoir

This is most likely the last post on the interior of our new home in Trentham, although the two additional bedrooms are still being decorated.

So, here is our bedroom. We never saw an example of the house before we built. The builder didn't have a display of our plan. We did however make a few alterations, one of which was that we deleted the baths and made the showers open and larger.

Where the en-suite bath was to be located, we turned the wall around so it became an alcove to the bedroom. Sue uses this as her reading area.

Our bedroom entrance is off the hallway and actually has a small foyer where we have mounted the family photos.
The opening to the left is a walk in robe. Family photos on the wall.
Our original bedroom furniture seems to blend well in the new house and for us offers that bit of familiarity that helped us to feel more comfortable after such a short time here.
Sue loves her little reading alcove in the bedroom. The original plan had the alcove in reverse with a bath tub in the en-suite
We no longer fight over using the en-suite basin now that we have two.

So that's the house and from this point on, posts will be of Trentham and our surrounding district.
The area is alway busy on weekends with festivals, markets, cafes and hidden treasures. We hope to bring you more of these with now regular posts.

Tomorrow we have a BBQ for a foodie group that Sue converses with in a Forum and this is the second time that some the group have met. On Sunday we are all off to a huge market day in Daylesford, 22 kms up the road so most likely we'll post photos of it.


  1. Thanks Krishna - its a very peaceful place to sleep - and not just the bedroom.


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