Monday, February 23, 2015

Launceston's Cataract Gorge

Lonnie (Launceston) has some amazing natural features. The Tamar River runs from Bass Strait, the coast and wanders, snakelike to the inland port of Launceston. Along the way the river becomes a little obese, giving the impression of lakes along the way. The tide changes the appearance of the river during the 24 hours of the day from river mud flats to a fast moving river way. At the end of the Tamar River as it arrives at  Lonnie it becomes two rivers - the South and North Esk rivers. One of these rivers - the South Esk runs from Cataract Gorge.

You can walk from a cafe in the central business district and within a 20 to 30 minutes casual walk, you can enter Cataract Gorge. Leaving the sound of city traffic you find yourself in the tranquility of the gorge where the peaceful sounds of water rushing over the craggy rocks mingle with bird sounds and sometimes the breeze through the trees.

The earliest recorded visit to this area was made by settler William Collins in 1804 when exploring the Port in the ship "Lady Nelson". He was particularly impressed by the South Esk and its cataract and wrote, "Upon approaching the entrance I observed a large fall of water over rocks, nearly a quarter of a mile up a straight gully between perpendicular rocks about 150 ft high. 

After watching the below you tubes, tell us why we would not consider Lonnie as our new home.

THis probably our fourth visit to Tasmania and like France, we keep returning because its a comfortable place to be.


  1. Well as usual with our slow connection I cannot watch the videos but it looks a beautiful spot. Guess you may well end up living there :-) Take care Diane

    1. It is quite beautiful Diane but then Tassie has a lot to like for an Island its size.


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