Monday, February 02, 2015

I've been very, very busy...........

The bathroom finished - tick, the bedroom finished - tick, the outdoor deck finished - tick, the hallway, finished - tick, the kitchen and family room finished with a lick of paint - tick.

Now for our very special rooms - the lounge or sitting room which I believe in the UK, they call a reception room. I've started on the preparation of the lounge and dining rooms. This means sanding back the old paint for the undercoat and final coats. The carpet has been pulled up in preparation for the old Baltic pine floorboards being sanded, stained and varnished. That won't happen until I've completed the painting.

The first or was it the second renovation that we looked at heritage colours to suit our Cal Bung? I've lost track of the revamps now. We were told that Heritage is passe and that a pallet of whites are what buyers are attracted to. It make the house light and airy.
We had a small round table with two chairs either side. We return them when the room is completed with maybe a small round rug.

Believe it not, the over mantle and iron fireplace are original features but only used as ambiance as we have both central heating and cooling.
The sanding has gone well, more a point of having the right tools. I actually like the distressed look but don't tell Sue.

This is my arty farty shot through the dividing doors from the hallway to the lounge.
I need to do some trimming of the paint on the glass don't I?

The wall colour is Antique USA, an off white with a clean crisp white on the woodwork in the hallway. Hoping the polished Baltic pine compliments the walls. Noted the floor - originally runner rugs covered the floor with the edges being stained with Japan black.
So that was part of my weekend and most probably my next six months of weekend. We are taking a four day weekend soon to revisit Launceston, Tasmania to investigate some more real estate and enjoy their Festivale of Food, Wine and Entertainment so we should have some interesting posts coming up soon.
But for now it's "Tow that Barge" and get back to work.


  1. Love that fireplace, .....and I like the distressed look on the windows as well, but my other half would never cope with leaving them like that! Wishing you lots of energy to continue on with getting your house sorted out.

    1. Seems these days Vera the young families that would be in the market for a home prefer the crisp tones of white than the original heritage colours of the 30s so to attract a larger market, that's what we've been advised to do. I'm actually enjoying the work and seeing what you are doing , I'm inspired.

  2. Love the picture of you over the fireplace :-) I am English/Rhodesian and have never heard it called a reception room, it has always been the lounge or sitting room to me . Keep up the good work. Diane xx

  3. We would call it the living room, but lounge or sitting room would be just as common. I think "reception rooms" is just estate agent's speak for any room that isn't a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.
    Mind you, with a lovely fireplace like that maybe it should be called the parlour!

    (When I was a child it was common for people to have a parlour or "front room" - a room that was kept clean and tidy and only used to entertain visitors or on special or formal occasions. My grandmother on my father's side had a front room and I used to sneak in and play with the ornaments while the grown ups were gossiping in the kitchen!)


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