Thursday, February 26, 2015


Away back I use to do this thing called FUNKY FRIDAY, then life got busy - work gets in the way of life.
Its time to get back to Blogging - Mundane Monday (that has to be returning to work after the weekend), then there's Wednesdays in France - we've been there 6 times and met some of you out there and how good is that. Throwback Thursday that I stole from Walt who stole it from someone else - is nothing new?

So now its Funky Friday and why is it so? Well I've relegated myself to a four day week. Oh yes, I negotiated this on a five day pay.

So can I leave you with a you-tube clip on Elton John with one of my very fave albums - Madmad across the Water? I love the piano and the strings on the album but as a three man band ( make it four with the lyricasist, Bernie) this clip is inspirational. (apolgies to Diane who has poxy internet)

This is truely FUNKY


  1. Replies
    1. Have most of his CDs and started playing them again - memories

  2. I always loved Elton. I've been lucky enough to see him in concert three times. Always the show man.

  3. We saw Elton in concert in Bophuhatswana, a brilliant show. As always though I cannot play your video!!! Have a good weekend D & N x

    1. I know you can't see our vids and I always feel guilty (for you) when I post one.
      Since getting back home, I've been horrendously busy with sometimes having up to 12 hours at the office. Still I have now scaled down to a 4 day week on the same income. Maybe that's why I have four long days.


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