Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 Days in LONNIE

Yes, I know its been a while since we last posted. Work, family and house renovation has depleted our time to blog. I've just negotiated a four day work week as a transition to retirement. That probably just means packing five into four. We'll see.

Lonnie is what the locals affectionately call Launceston in Tasmania. We decided awhile ago to visit during Launceston's Festivale - 3 days of food, wine and entertainment.

We flew in on mid-day Thursday to pick up the hired SUV but with a problem. 4 people, luggage and 2 bikes would not fit. One of the people, Rhani came to our rescue and said she would bring our bikes in later that evening as she had to come into Lonnie anyway. How friendly was that.

We decided to go to lunch in Evandale, about 5 kms down the road from the airport. Here's a few scenes from the historic village of Evandale.

Scenes from Evandale
Horse trough made from stone

The Evandale Pub - every year Evandale holds the Penny Farthing Australian Championships.
It passes by the Pub with each lap and then fills up to toast the Champion.

The Beer Garden of the Clarendon is a perfect spot for a cool beer on a summer's day under the leafy spread of the trees while chooks and peacocks wander amongst the drinkers.
This cart was in the beer garden with the under growth embracing it.
I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the cart.

We arrived at our five night stay - The Aldrington, previously an historic convent converted to guest accommodation.
Its our second visit to the Aldrington and our host, James joined us on the balcony which overlooks the compact city of Lonnie. (pop 95.000). 
We'll show more of our extended weekend in Lonnie over the next few days with some interesting stories - we hope.


  1. Interesting pictures and I like the cart. Glad you had a bit of a break. Keep well you two. D & N x

    1. The good news Diane is that I negotiated a for day week on the same pay. Fridays, I now ride the bike in the am and work on the house spucing after lunch..

  2. Glad to see your post about Launceston and looking forward to more. Thanks for you comment chez moi. We are enjoying the C4 and the 206 is running better than ever. We are planning to reserve a table at L'Essentiel in Feings for my upcoming 66th. Hope it works out. Will let you know.

    1. You and Walt have inspired us to think about moving further from our natural home - more posts to come of Lonnie.
      Sue wants to know when we get the invitation to you 66th????
      Have a joyous birthday Ken

    2. We will be having lunch at L'Essentiel in Feings next Thursday, my 66th. You are hereby invited to join us. Hope you can make it.


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