Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Touraine Primeur at Montrichard

We drive by or through Montrichard most days. OK, we have had lunch there a few times. It never seems to have the charm of Saint Aignan that is little over 10 kms along the Cher river.

Today we discovered it has a life of its own. Today (Sunday) was the Montrichard Primeur which was the presentation of the new wine vintages of the Touraine and other produce such as fromage and porc. It brought the locals in from the surrounding districts and we were fortunate to find a parking spot close by due to Sue’s disabled sticker that we brought from home. Its been a bonus for Sue, its enabled her to get closer to all the great features of France, particularly the Chateaux and hilltop villages.

As I rode and drove around the district, we saw these posters not realising that we were going to still be here when it was on. It was a real treat.
The band struck up, the Touraine Primeur Producers marched proudly behind in their colourful outfits.
Behind is the tourist information office, one of the original half wood buildings - a fine example.
Down the street to the right of the building is a little square with a few restaurants where we have had several lunches.

As we wandered around Montrichard’s centre villa with the Donjon looking down on the town, we noticed that the streets had red carpet between the store holders either side. We could hear a brass band in the distance getting louder and louder till we saw a group of brightly dressed people in a parade coming up the main drag of Montrichard. These were the Primeur Producers of the Touraine in their specific cloaks adorned with medals and such that denoted their craft.

This gentleman who was in the march displayed his medal as a Touraine Primeur with great pride. We had a little chat as much as one can do within the language. He seemed very pleased that I took an interest in his medal and was happy to pose for me. 
I'm not sure that my photo does justice to this magnificent tree in full autumn colours.
The colours of the fallen leaves covered the green grass and red carpet. A very restful garden to stop for a rest.
Several of the municipal buildings were open to the public today and we had an opportunity to witness other aspects of Montrichard that normally go unnoticed as you drive through to somewhere else. We hadn't realised how much of the middle ages architecture still survived in Montrichard and the caves that are in the centre ville.

We had noticed posters advertising today’s event yet not put it in our diary as something special. We really only stumbled on it through word of mouth from Carol and Michael, our good friends here in the Loire.

The red carpet was out allowing us to see into areas not normally seen.

Not just wine, but so many other local producers showing off their wares.
This was inside the many caves within the side of the hills in Montrichard's central business district.
We are now less that two weeks left to go in France and only another four days before we leave the Loire. Before we leave I'll post the details of where we are staying with the website for bookings as a closing post of our time in the Loire.


  1. Lovely series of photos. You have a very nice blog.

    1. to hard to take good photos in France. Thanks

  2. Hi Sue & Leon, What a treat to be touring around France and Italy .... places dear to my heart. Great to see rural areas celebrating their crafts. Enjoy your travels and have a cafe crème for me sitting in one of those buzzy French cafe's.

    1. Merci Dianne - we still pop in to your blog to see what's happening. Currently in Versailles before our last week in Paris completing our 10 weeks over here.

  3. How lucky you were there for the parade and all the trimmings, France makes such a good job of this sort of thing.

    Gosh it seems like only yesterday that you arrived in Italy, how time does fly!! We were so glad to catch up with you here at home. Enjoy your time in Paris and take care D & N

    1. Yes D & N it has been a long time gone fast. We have been so fortunate to have had this experience and overcome by the hospitality of our fellow bloggers including both of you. Still more to come while in Paris then back to planning the next two years. Must be another trip there somewhere!


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