Friday, November 14, 2014

Chaumont Chateau

A few days back Sue and I went to Chateau Chaumont sur Loire. I had the good fortune to ride the bike there earlier in the week from Thenay, Pontlevoy and heaven knows where on the return journey but the weather was fine and it was all new scenery. I face-booked a picture of the Chateau from the village below and inadvertently called it Chambord.
Chambord, Chaumont, Chenonceau, Cheverny, Chinon. It all gets bit confusing after many weeks here.

The chateau of Chaumont has an interesting human interest story, let alone its architectural history.
It had its origins as a fortress from the 10th century but in 1465 it was destroyed by order of Louis XI, king of France when its owner Pierre d'Ambroise unsuccessfully rebelled  against the King in 1465.

From 1475 to 1510 it was rebuilt by Charles I d'Amboise and later his son Charles II.
The intriguing part is that Catherine de Medici acquired the castle in 1560 however after her husband Henry II died, she evicted Henry's life time mistress Diane Poitier from Chenonceau (including taking back the crown jewels) and offered her Chaumont. Catherine then set out to make Chenonceau even more grand.

Views from the towers of the Loire and the village below are breathtaking.
The view of the Loire river from one of the windows of the tower.

The Royal Stables

Diane Poitier only spent a small period of time at Chaumont but  Catherine Medici in her time there took the opportunity to entertain many astrologists including Nostradamus.

Chaumont was listed as a French historic monument in 1840 and today it has the most magnificent grounds where it hosts an annual gardening expo.
To walk the grounds and too enjoy the view of the Loire from the castle is a sight that will be remembered for some time after our return to home.

 Researched from the Chateau Literature and Wikipedia.


  1. Oh wow I love those stables. As a horse lover and former show jumper I would have been very happy to stable my horses there :) Great photos. Diane

    1. I think these horses were quite spoilt Diane


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