Sunday, November 02, 2014

Meeting Fellow Bloggers

Blogging has brought us several relationships - we have met many great people and continue to do so.

Today we took a 75 km drive to meet a couple with whom we have exchanged comments and read each other’s Blogs over many years. The couple are from the UK and have had a little cottage in the village of Le Grand Pressigny until recently. They bit the bullet and decided to make the big move to France permanently. Selling their home in the UK and the cottage in Le Grand Pessigny, they now have a lovely home about 5 kms out of their previous home away from home.

The drive from Thenay to Le Grand Pessigny takes you through some lovely undulating terrain, long straight roads and through heavily wooded forests, but the most interesting is travelling through the little villages that take you “snail like” via narrow streets where large trucks can appear around the corner without warning.

Its almost like Montpoupon is waiting to surprise tourists as they drive around the bend.
We never ceased to be amazed by the sight of Chateau Montpoupon as you come over a rise and around a bend where you confronted by the amazing site of this Medieval structure. 
As we approached Loches, for the second time since being here we were directed back through the town rather than around it. We didn’t mind as you see something you may have previously missed.

We eventually arrived at Le Grand Pessigny with 30 minutes up our sleeve before our blogging friends arrived. Memories returned from our last visit to this village square. The church on one side, the bar and Presse on the other and further down the square was the restaurant where we were to eat.

We wondered how we would recognise this couple that we had only met through our respective blogs. There was no reason for concern as we saw a car arrive with waves and smiles - they recognised us - we were the ones with apprehensive looks as each car passed by.

I just realised we haven't introduced our blogging friends - they are Jean and Nick. With a pre-lunch drink at the bar in the sun and becoming familiar with each other we then walked to the restaurant, Savoie Villars.
It didn’t take long to realise that we all felt comfortable in each other’s company to the point that I almost forget what we ate (or drank). We discussed the trials and tribulations of their big move and retirement, which are of interest to me with year 65 approaching. I think what Jean and Nick have done by moving from the UK to France very brave but enormously appealing.
The Savoie Villars Hotel for lunch with Jean and Nick 
Sue, Leon, Jean (Lulu) and Nick. Merci for a pleasant day to add to our memory bank.
After lunch, they invited us back to their new home. On arrival we met Daisy and Lulu, their cat and dog. Both greeted us as enthusiastically as their owners did. Sue was in heaven getting her cat and dog fix.

Daisy is a bit of a rascal - but gorgeous 

I’m sure as time goes by (remember that song Jean) they will blog further about the house but we can say that they have made a great decision - we were most impressed.

Thanks Jean and Nick for a great afternoon.


  1. Lucky you! Jean and Nick are great people. I twice had the pleasure of meeting them (2012 and 2013) when being in France. I've seen photos of their new home and little Daisy.Wish I could have been there. ;)

    1. Martine - it was our first meeting however they have usually been in the uk when we have been in the Loire. Very nice couple and very relaxing company.

  2. Are there any risks in meeting people who have shared the bloggy-world with you over the years but who you do not know in person? I don't mean a risk to your health and safety of course, but to your expectations of people, their values and lifestyles.

    I went to a lot of interstate and overseas meetings of people in my MIRC chat channel, people I had regularly met on-line but not previously in person.

    Some were wonderful... people I would certainly have wanted as close friends, had they lived in Melbourne.

    Most were perfectly average, hospitable people who had nothing in common with me and with the others, except we have shared an MIRC chat channel since 1993.

    1. So far Hels, we are yet to be disappointed and in most cases, pleasantly surprised.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to our part of the Touraine.

    Jean and Nick are excellent hosts.

    1. Gaynor - we are still here for another 4 weeks before our last week in Paris in December. Yes Jean and Nick were great to finally meet.


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