Monday, May 26, 2014

What was it like back when?

Things change
Our suburb is changing in Mentone.
Apartments are going up everywhere.
Around the bay towards the city is,
Middle Park, and Albert Park.
Quiet leafy wide streets that from the front of the houses,
it doesn't seem to have changed since its early days.
I had the need to visit a friend over the weekend,
and I reflected on the architecture and its preservation.
Here are several photos lifted from the internet,
to show its past.
 I often stop for a coffee in the shopping area across the road from this building.

 A lot of forthought in the design of the streets when you consider it was in the mid 1800s when the suburb was laid out.
 Today's traffic copes rather well in the wide streets of Albert and Middle Park.

I must try to search out this building and take a "Today Photo".

 Cable cars were a major part of Suburban public transport. Today the cable cars have given way to modern electric trams.
 Only recently I had the opportunity to visit the Middle Park Hotel for a social glass or two of wine.

I know I've driven by this building many times - if I get the chance, I'll do a "Today Photo" of this one also.

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