Monday, May 12, 2014

A Facelift and a Facebook page

Autumn is turning to winter in Melbourne, our home by the bay and the mornings are chilly with fortunately clear sunny skies predicted for this week. In recent weeks the days have been very wet and the grass is green and long in our yard. Leaves of autumn colours wait to the weekends when I get to put them in the green bin.
The introduction of winter means finishing the night with an espresso and a Baileys.
The open fires are not far away.
I'm not sure where time escapes and I find that while I sit here at 10.00 pm that I haven't posted for a week and even more disappointing I haven't caught up with our favorite Blogging friends. Why is that?
There's a few reasons. Firstly I foolishly started a Face Book Page called the Cycling Scrapbook.
It was a conduit to the Blog I started by the same name. I love researching and writing on subjects of a historical nature and what better subject than for my passion of cycling.

The Cycling Scrapbook on Face Book has been most time consuming but a great satisfaction in the success of bring like minded people together within the sport to share their treasured memorabilia.
Well let me tell you that this Face book page has become a monster - over 3000 members over the last 8 weeks. People throughout Australia and the world have reconnected after many years of having lost touch after retirement from the sport, but enough of that!!!
Check it out here:

Sue and I have spent time of preparing our house for sale within the next year or two. You may remember that we started with the bathroom and then our bedroom. Well I reached burn-out and we decided that we would get the professionals in to paint our kitchen, family room and laundry. We've gone for that basic non-offensive look of USA Antique white highlighted by gloss white. Whoever eventually buys our home will have a clear pallet to infuse their own personality into the place we've called home for the last 30 years.
A fresh coat of paint and a new feeling takes over the family room.
A visitor mentioned how much larger the room looked in the lighter colours.
And we agree, it has given the room an apparent largeness. Some wall hangings would not go astray.
Ooops there's another job Sue has on the list for my weekend.
Sue loves her kitchen - she'll miss this one when we leave. She needs a kitchen where she's still amongst the hive of activity while she is in the height of her culinary creativity.
 So, what's next? - we move into the front rooms. These rooms retain the authenticity of a 1929 Californian Bungalow house. They will though be transformed into the same light colours shown here. The carpet goes and the beautiful Baltic floorboards will be sanded and polished - it seems to be what prospective buyers look for these days from what we've seen in the real estate websites in our area.

And what then when we sell? - Well that is the question. We need to get the place ready first.
You might have some suggestion - we have an open mind.


  1. I know you want to concentrate on refreshing and selling the house, but I am still stuck on the first photo. I love espresso and I love perfect!

    1. Hels - you are a person after our own heart. Coffee and Muscat tonight though.


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