Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wednesdays in France (and Italy) returns

Its been some time since we did a Wednesdays in France but we are now only four months before we take off to Rome for 2 weeks in Italy and 8 weeks in France. This maybe our last trip (our 6th) back as retirement looms and income dwindles. Who knows what the future holds, there's always the lottery but I'm told that you actually need to buy a ticket and I'm not a gambling man.

We ride on the Strada Bianco - the white roads of Chianti.
Looks like fun, doesn't it - 135 kms of pure delight.
I wonder if those Tuscan sunny evenings will shine upon us again.
I took this photo in our last days in Monticchielo 2006
We arrive in Rome at the end of September and travel back to Tuscany for a week and then off to Bologna and then to the lakes district for a few days. Then our travels take us back to the Loire to meet up with the locals. I will again have a bike with me. Not one of those modern carbon things that you can pick up with your little finger but a steel framed bike from the early 80s. One of the reasons to return to Tuscany (last time was 2006) is to ride the classic cycling Gran Fondo "L'Eroica". We are joined by a group of close Australian cycling friends and it should be a real hoot.

We'll get to visit the Chateaux of the Loire again.
And definitely visit our hosts over three previous visits to Chinon.
One of the most awe inspiring statues I've seen of Jean d'Arc in Chinon
Not long now before we return to scenes and friends from past trips.


  1. Bet you are looking forward to the trip, but leaving sunny Ozz for a winter in Europe seems a bit back handed! Take care you two D & N

    1. You Betcha we are looking forward to it. I need the rest as work has been really busy - I should complain???
      We've not experienced France after September so it will be an experience. Best wishes to you and the big bloke.


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