Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesdays in France - We've been invaded.

I opened the financial papers of the AGE Newspaper this morning to find that the French had once again made an attempt to invade Australia.

The French missed by one day to colonise Australia as the English beat them to it. They've been trying to invade us since. French cars, French cuisine, and now they've bought our Australian Iconic Peter's Company, the makers of Drumstick and Heaven Ice Creams.

I think it's time to get even and start harvesting those nasty toads from the top end of Australia and sell the thighs back to the French, then there's all those slimy snails that are eating our cabbages in this wet autumn weather.


  1. Ha ha, sure they would love the snails and the legs. Keep well. Oh did you see the Citroen I posted on FB? Diane (Dulcie!)

    1. Tried both - still not a big fan though.


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