Thursday, March 06, 2014

Wednesdays in France

This morning was just a little chilly on our 5.30 am ride.
The Bay looked calm but I couldn't help noticing that the days are getting shorter.
It's a sign that Autumn (Fall) is saying, "Hello, I'm coming back again".
You'll note that we've changed the look of our Blog masthead and background to suit the season.

I'm sure we will have some more warmish days in March but the heat waves have left us.
The bush fires have gone although the coal mines in Gippsland are still smouldering and will be some time before they stop burning.

Spring in Saint Etienne - France


  1. I like your new header and background much better.
    I was noticing this morning at 5.15 am that the days are getting longer. I am sure everybody back East cannot wait for spring to show up as it has been a horrible winter for them.

    1. I've heard how dismal the winter has been for you guys up north

  2. Love the autumn look. The days are very definitely getting longer here. I hope the sun shines a bit longer as well, fed up with so much rain! Have a good day Daine

    1. Diane - Our weather in Melbourne is pretty much OK here. Thanks for the comment on the layout, bit like the weather really. Changes are good. Hope Nige is well.
      Heard so much about the rain over France and hope its not so wet when we are there. I'm looking forward to many rides.


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