Friday, March 07, 2014

Funky Friday

It's a big weekend this weekend - It's one of the those 3 day ones.
It's labour day where we celebrate the 8 hour working day.
Now that's a lot of BUNKUM!!!
Since Smart Phones, Lap Tops and iPads, there's no way of leaving work at the office.
Although I have to admit that flexibility of work time is a bonus.

I wonder what the long weekend will bring while I sit here tapping away with my Friday glass of Champagne.
I expect it I will be joining friends on the bike, eating Sue's beautiful meals and sipping on a red or three.
There's some gardening to be done and I really do need to get motivated again on another room spruce up.
Let you know how it all pans out in a couple of days.
What about you out there - how will you spend the weekend.

PS - The Aussies did OK at the Oscars.


  1. Happy Labor Day Leon and Sue!

  2. When I first met young men, at university, I was unimpressed with their unsophisticated Australianness. I wanted to be married to a uber-cool European. Now after 23948792385732 years of marriage to a very cute Sydneysider, I am well impressed with Cate Blanchett. She is a fantastically talented Australian.

    1. Hels, So how lucky are you to be sooo happy.


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