Sunday, March 16, 2014

Noah - Where is your Ark?

I've been very slack - well not really, I've been busy and just slack with the blog. I really enjoy connecting with you through the blog but I've just been incredibly busy with work, family and home. Life is good lately if not all the time.

I started a face book page on cycling history that's gone viral (1500 members after 3 weeks) and I have met up with so many old mates that I raced with and against over many years. So good to renew old friendships.
That's kept me incredibly involved.

Remember we were do house renovations for our impending selling of our home of 30 years (Jean - you are going thru the same thing)
Well, our toilet in the en-suite was leaking and generally being cantankerous. So, I installed a new toilet today.
OLD in cream and very leaky
NEW in white and no leaks.
Champagne Friday involved having friends for dinner and next morning with a half hangover my son Mitchell and I took a fast 60 kms ride with my usual cycling group but I was feeling a little guilty that Sue had to put up with my work and sport during the week so we went out to dinner Saturday night. As you might well be aware that Melbourne has been having heat waves, bush fires and little if no rain. Well let me say that Saturday night when we were out for dinner, the heavens opened with a vengeance.
I really did ask myself - Noah, where is your Ark. In true Aussie vernacular, It was pissing down.

The rains came and I thought, Noah - where is your ark?
A mosaic Joe.
I just love Sue's smile - don't you?
The restaurant was a local that has been on Beach Rd since the 60s called Joe's. Both Joe and his wife which we call Mrs Joe have just passed the establishment to his son. It's a family concern and actually not that great and we ask ourselves each time why we are back but the owners are so nice. The food is fine, the prices are OK but again, the people are nice.

Joe absolutely loves Elvis, James Dean and America.
Sue went for the calamari
I had the paste with lots of mushies - that's because I'm a Fungi
Here we are on Sunday night while I type this post, and I'm looking forward to sitting in front of the tellie with family, having dinner (Sue what are you cooking) and later making coffee, pouring a Muscat before washing up and then going to bed after a fruitful weekend.

Tell me please - how was your weekend?

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