Sunday, March 02, 2014

A Pictorial Weekend

I'd had my morning fix of a bike ride with mates but the afternoon was booked by Sue to visit the local Mordialloc by the Bay - Food, Wine and Music Festival.

In through the entrance we went after depositing one gold coin for the experience.

People eating, drinking and listening to Jazz, Blues and Pop.

Food, wine and beer stalls there for the tasting.
Crepes at this one.

Turkish pastries.

Japanese dumplings

Mordialloc is one of our Melbourne by the Bay suburbs. What a great setting on a perfect weekend for a festival

Photographic Exhibition at the Mordialloc food, wine and  music festival

Possibly Mordialloc Beach

Mordialloc Pier at night - about 3 kms from our home

Dolphins in our Bay.
Even though our plans for the future in our retirement drift from place to place, we have to admit that Melbourne by the Bay is a nice place to be.
Tell us - what delights did your weekend hold - do tell.


  1. Looks like you had a good time. The weather here was pretty horrible and it is pouring down as I type this, so we had a quiet weekend at home. Have a good week Diane

    1. Diane - quiet weekends at home sometimes can be the most joyous.

  2. Japanese dumplings are delicious. :)

  3. Every four years (like the Olympics), my mother's family has a family reunion in a city that the majority of the cousins live in - Melbourne, Winnipeg or Tel Aviv. Expensive to get there, but great fun.

    This year, last Sunday, the family decided just to get together with local cousins. 200+ Melbournians turned up, armed with food, photos, family trees and memories. We saw images of the homes and towns that our parents and grandparents came from in the Ukraine.


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