Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Wednesdays in France

Only 9 months before we return to France

Paris is insiene - back again this year in December.
Young Marcus to the left if you hadn't guessed - he's the handsome one.
It was 2006 - our first trip to Paris together. We had a friend who lived there. Marcus lived in a Broom Closet in the Marais and from memory with a lift that occasionally made him late for dinner with friends.
The lift didn't disappoint on this occasion when he was to meet us in the Bastille.
Marcus is a world traveller and a helluva nice bloke that we still have a long standing friendship with. He has now returned to Melbourne with his lovely wife from Thailand. Our other friends from Paris, Leigh and Sophie just recently returned to Melbourne so Leigh could visit his 90 year old father Steve. All six of us caught up at a Thai restaurant in January.
It's friends that make life rich - do you agree?


  1. I am confused (easily done these days!) you say back in France in 9 weeks do you mean 9 months or are you visiting twice? Whatever, looking forward to seeing you again and I thought the handsome one was on the right. Take care you two. D & N

  2. I didn't get confused until I read Diane's comment. I thing Qantas should give you a free trip to Paris, or an upgrade, to be such faithful travelers to Europe.
    Yes, you are very right! Friends and family make life richer, not possessions.

  3. Diane and Nadege - OOOPS!!!!! what was I thinking. Nine months to go not weeks.
    Maybe a bit of wishful thinking on my part.


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