Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Night Dinner

Everyone knows Sue likes to cook - we have this book shelf that is all of Sue's cook books. I'm the culprit. Saturday we went to look at a replacement car for my work car - nearby is the Prahran Market and Sue's favorite shop, "The Essential Ingredient".
They have heaps of great things for the passionate foodie as well as a fabulous book section. For Christmas I bought Sue the Rachel Khoo's "Little French Kitchen". The photo above is of her first book, "Little Paris Kitchen", Sue tells me this one is so much better.

It must have inspired her to a cooking mood for Sunday Night. No cheese toasties tonight but it was a sit around the tellie situation. Get a grip Leon, I never do cheese toasties.

A bit of this, a bit of that. Not as much as I had in mind, as Leon informed me at about 1 pm that we had a meeting at 3.  All good but a bit short on time.
So, from the left... panko crumbed sardines with a lime aioli. Tomatoes oven roasted with a little sweet chili sauce on the top for zing, and some prosciutto at the end to go crispy. Oven roasted potato wedges, and lastly, a zucchini slice. I used to make this slice when the kids were little, and then forgot about it for about 20 years. A guy at Leon's work sent home some zucchini and voila! It has zucchini, eggs bacon, onion and cheese. Sooo yum. And very, very easy', which, being lazy I appreciate!
Then, we had bought some figs at the market yesterday. They are dripping from trees, if you are lucky  or farsighted enough, but I have to buy them and they are very expensive!!! I only bought 5. So this is a frangipane fig tart with a sweet short pastry base. We had it with thick save on calories, you understand. Otherwise you might need to eat more tart. Ahem.....
All in all a nice end to the weekend. (And there's some tart left for tomorrow.....if I'm quick enough.. which is doubtful *sigh*)

So the weekend has gone and the working week begins, see you with Wednesdays in France soon.


  1. One of my favourite recipes from this book is for Rachel's croque madame muffins.
    Not really cheese on toast at all - much more sophisticated !!
    Your fig tart looks absolutely yummy.

  2. Lovely hors d'oeuvres and the tart looks sublime! Are you sad to see summer coming to an end pretty soon? We always look forward to fall and its holidays here in SoCal, but winter is no bueno.

  3. It all looks delicious...the figs here in Perth have finished...I think it's been the heat. I am enjoying Rachel Khoo's show on can she cook so beautifully in such a tiny space?!!

  4. Yum yum. Wonder why figs are so expensive - we cannot use all the ones we get on our tree, it is laden. The birds take their share as well :-) Keep well you two Diane

  5. Jean, I haven't tried anything from the book yet, but will definitely give that one a go.

  6. Thanks Nadege. I don't like summer much at all and this one has been much too hot, so am looking forward to autumn. My favourite time of year. Will miss the summer stone fruit though. I make myself a fruit smoothie most mornings for breakfast! Yum

  7. Hi Louise. A couple of years ago, I applied from here to go to her tiny restaurant and got the newsletter

  8. Don't know what happened there Louise. Got the newsletter, but sadly, it didn't work out.

  9. Hi Diane. A few years ago a neighbour had a huge fig tree that dripped figs over our fence. But then the property was sold and the new owners chopped the tree down! Rosters!

  10. Auto correct strikes again.....rotters


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