Tuesday, February 18, 2014

200,000 plus hits - what does that mean, really?

Just another Wednesday in France
It sounds nice doesn't it - 200,000 hits. People who have stumbled across your Blog.
But!!!! Let's get real. People hit the blog and think, that's not what I want............and move on.
But for some it touches a common point - we know because we read blogs and it happens to us.

I'm sure that some readers also read the Blogs of a couple of American Blokes that live in a Hamlet nearby Saint Aignan.
We've been doing this since I can't remember when (maybe 2009) but I remember why we did it. It was a way to share our journeys overseas with family and friends. The funny thing is that we made more friends, some we've never meet face to face and some we have - we've never been disappointed either way. I'm sure its the same for you. Without naming names, we've been very blessed with our friendships through our Blog.

Later this year we return to our final week in France at a Paris apartment that we stayed in previously.
It will feel like home as will the whole trip.
There's a lady in in California that has introduced us to others that we've connected with. We've enjoyed the company and friendship of a couple who live on the Cher river whom we rented a cottage in a little village in Thenay. We've enjoyed a marvelous evening ( a few actually) with them and another couple who live further up the river at Saint Aignan, Many sore heads the next morning!!!!

I can't remember if we met Celestine or her custodians first. Possibly at the same time.
Either way, its been an ongoing relationship thru Blogging.
Then there's that Aussie/English couple - well really, he's a 10 pound Pom and they took us for a lovely drive in Celestine. 
There's also a lady with a VERY tall husband whom we met on our last trip to walk around Odour sur Glane. Not a pleasant second time experience for her as the village remains as it was after the Nazis raised it to the ground and murdered all the inhabitants, women, children and the men.
Lunch afterwards confirmed that there was a friendship that continued via both our blogs.
There's others that we haven't met face to face but I feel we know them and share their daily life.

Odour sur Glane - no words can describe the sadness of the village.
Maybe we'll get to meet those we haven't as yet met but hopefully we will during our 10 week stay later this year.

Sue and I say thank you for reading and please keep sending comments.
We love hearing from you.


  1. Reading blogs really enriches our lives but meeting bloggers (pen pals of old) in person must be really wonderful. You and Sue are probably the only ones who live so far away but yet, have met more than most.

    1. Nadege - agree with your comments and it certainly has been rewarding meeting our fellow bloggers and rewarded us with some great experiences. This year's trip will be our sixth and we are not wealthy financially. I think you should live life by the motto of "Life isn't a rehearsal".

  2. Your so right we have met some lovely people through blogging, including the two of you of course. We are so looking forward to catching up with all your news again later this year. I have been lazy about commenting since complete retirement, time seems to go twice as fast but I always read your news :-) Keep well and keep blogging. D & N

    1. Diane, We know that you and Nige are always lurking out there and we promise to catch up when we return this year.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog as it's always varied and interesting.

    By the time you next visit the Loire I will have taken early retirement so on your journey between St Aignan and Preuilly stop off at Le Petit Pressigny as you pass through.

    Congratulations on 200,000 which is quite an achievement.

    1. Gaynor - you might allow Sue and I to join us at a local cafe for lunch. I must put that in our diary.

  4. What a lovely post, like you I have made some very special friends via blogging. The modern day version of pen friends. :)

  5. LLM - we go back a long way now - don't we? Keep well.


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