Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wednesdays in Italy

The Campo de Fiori - Field of Flowers
We stayed here for a whole week just absorbing the goings on in the square. Our apartment door opened up on the Campo. Breakfast, and dinner on occasions, or just a glass of wine mid-arvo was enjoyed.
The morning market filled the square in the mornings. As the market leftovers were cleared away the lunch time trade filled the cafes. Night time brought the young out to enjoy the balmy evenings.

With his back turned to us, Philosopher Giordano Bruno looks down on the people walking by. Most of us unaware that he was burned at the stake for heresy at this very spot - just for saying that the earth revolved around the sun.
Blood stained the cobblestones of the square with murders and executions in Medieval and Renaissance Rome.
The Campo de Fiori - not always a field of flowers.


  1. Ah, sipping a glass of chilled rosé while people watching. It's the small things...

    1. Yes, that's Sue with our son Andrew who met us in Rome before flying out to Moscow back in 2006.
      While typing this, I'm sipping on a nice Aussie Merlot and listening to Brubeck. Off to some sut eye now though.


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