Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Melburn - Roobaix.

I guess you all know I'm a bit of a bike tragic - sorry no apologies there. So is my 92 year old father although he now rides his stationary bike and so doesn't fall off anymore.
Father and son

Well I afraid that this weekend's post is about cycling, but its also about family, friends and Melbourne.
Last year we entered a freaky, weird and absolutely hysterical ride called, Melburn-Roobaix.
It's a play on the classic French bike race from Compiegne to Roubaix, France or its other title, "Hell of the North". The French version runs through the ancient cobblestone roads of northern France.

We did start out this morning in 3 degrees but the forecast was optimistic later in the day. It started with Mitchy and I having a coffee while waiting for the crew to turn-up. They didn't, we were at the wrong starting point. Rush our coffee down and meet the rest at the OTHER place. Made it just in time.

The start. Registration had very long lines but we did get the opportunity to chat with total strangers and view some very zany costumes.
Three of the 17 Stueys.
Having a drink with Stuey
Our one runs through the bluestone laneways of northern Melbourne. Unlike our French counterpart, we stop for a coffee, then maybe a nice lunch washed down with a dark ale at one of the many pubs along the way.
The family part was that I had Mitchell my 25 year old son with me, the friends part was that I had 15 or more of my cycling group - so how good is that?
I should mention that Melbourne is currently in the depths of winter - our shortest day even!!! We enjoyed a cloudless blue sky, a 15 degree windless day to ride the event.

RIDE SAFE HAVE FUN is a great motto for what is a very fun day.
People dress up in all sorts of garb - you wonder how they can actually ride when you see people like this couple.
Over 3000 arrived at the finish at the old Brunswick Velodrome.
Everyone was in a quandary this year about a theme for our group. It was Friday night when my good friend Darren arrived around for dinner and Champagne Friday with 17 photos of Stuart O'Grady. For those who don't know, the freckled one, Stuey was the first Australian to win the Paris to Roubaix classic.
So we were all commemorating his great win by being Stuey.
It was truly amazing. As we passed the various groups, we would be greeted by people yelling out "Stuuuuuuey" - I think we did him proud.

Yep, that's me being kissed by the podium girls.
PS: On the foodie side - Sue had a quail pasta dish with a south of France white wine for dinner for her cycling boys. Ahhh - time to relax in front of the tellie. Don't you love Sunday nights.

Also I'm very tired now so Goodnight and hope your weekend was also fun.


  1. We have a friend in Mafikeng while training for the Argus in Capetown somehow fell off his trainer and ended up in plaster. Tell your Dad to take care getting on and off!!! Yes this is a true story believe it or not. Diane

    1. I think when Jack falls off his trainer it will be his last day on earth. He's very special and I shall miss him very much.

  2. That looks like a super day Leon. The face masks were a great idea! Your son looks a bit like Jenson Button in that picture.

    1. Mitchy rides like himm too. We wave goodbye to hime soon as he takes off to India and South America for three months - any advice?

    2. Not really guys. Never been to India and in South America only to Mexico (technically central America) and Argentina. There's a lot of poverty so be careful with money and passports but I guess that's common sense!

  3. Love the father and son picture!
    It sounds like you had a great weekend.

    1. Hi Jean - yes a fab time. Now he's paste his teenage years he seems to enjoy a bit of his Dad's company. Me too BTW.
      We'll miss hime when he takes off overseas for 3 months. Our other son in is Germany but we should have them both back for Spring.


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