Sunday, November 04, 2012

TIN HOUSE and Dinner at a new Restaurant

Traveling to work most days I pass by a sign that says, "Historic Tin House" and this Friday I followed the sign. South Melbourne is a lovely suburb with many historic buildings from Melbourne's early history. Sue and I often said that we would like to live there but we missed the boat. When it was affordable, it wasn't desirable and now it is, we can't afford it.

Corrugated iron house in Melbourne

Dinner at a new local Restaurant. 
We are spoilt in our local area for good cafes and restaurants. They must be OK  as not many close down - we are hoping this one is successful as our meal was of a very high standard. It wasn't cheap but that's because of what we ordered but it was good value for the quality.
If you ordered pasta and took your own bottle of wine then you would have a relatively low cost night out.

The reason we tried out the restaurant was that it is new, close to home and had an interesting menu. I'd wandered in a week or two ago and met with the Manager, Patrick Leprevost. We had a conversation about how business had been going since the opening and one thing leading to another, I discovered he was from Deauville, Normandy.

From this point, I might ask Sue to critique the meal - all I know is that I enjoyed mine immensely.
The menu is pretty basic. Nothing much for vegetarians that I could see, but everything was fresh and well cooked. They also have a pizza oven.
Stopped by one of the chefs on my way to the loo. He recognized me. I taught him in Grade 4!! Who said old?! Glad I was nice to him back then. Could have been a disaster of a meal otherwise:)

Leon started with char grilled baby octopus. I tasted it. It was yummy.

I had a pork and pistachio terrine, served with sauce gribouche (spelling?) Very fresh and tasty.

This is my piece of fillet steak with a Bearnaise sauce. Huge piece of meat. I couldn't finish it. But cooked very well and sauce was great.

Leon had a piece of sirloin with a mushroom sauce. He loved it.(Mine was better..sshhh)

Wine was pleasant. Said from SA on the front and NSW on the back.?!

The rest of the weekend was taken up with the morning training rides, shopping, cleaning, gardening and washing cars so now its time to crack a bottle of wine, sit on the deck with some friends who are about to arrive any minute. Its 3.00 pm on a Sunday arvo and I've finished my chores - I wonder what Sue has in mind for dinner tonight?

Although I'm off to work in the morning, many Melbourne people are taking a four day weekend. The world famous Melbourne Cup horse race is on Tuesday so people take advantage of a Monday off as well.
Not me though - I put my hand up last at work for a long weekend and missed out.


  1. We both know about missing the boat, if it is not one thing it is another. Money exchange seems our biggest thing, we think the boat is in, and the very next day we could have done much better but the boat has already left. Does not matter what country we are in this always catches us!!

    Sounds like a fantastic meal with great photos. Sorry Leon you have work, this is the best of retirement never having to go to work :-))

    Have a good week, D & N

    1. The meal was great and we returned tonight for a casual bowl of pasta. Excellent and good value for 3 at less that AUS$50.

  2. Nod, the four day long weekend is just about essential, even for people not besotted by horses and fascinators. I have spent the time going to wineries, rural art galleries and craft centres. Oh, and eating/drinking.

    But I must admit that the deck sounds cool.

    1. Hels,
      Your day also sounded delightful and what a good day weather wise it was. Melbourne - a bit of a Vivali/crowded house day, 4 seasons in 1 day.
      I have to say I enjoyed the rain in the afternoon after a balmy morning.

  3. Your food certainly looked delicious and beautifully presented.

    1. LLM,
      I think we found a keeper in this restaurant.


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