Monday, November 26, 2012

Cars - Past and Present

I'd previously posted on Rob Roy Hill Climb before. For Motor Racing hill climb events, its our equivilent to the famous UK hill climb venue of Prescott run by the Bugatti Club.

Rob Roy is run by the MG Car Club of Victoria. It has since its resurrection back in 1992. The hill ran from 1937 to 1961wuppertal until bush fires ravaged the hill country north of Melbourne. Sunday was the 21st historic and classic hill climb meeting since the MGCC took over the hill and brought it back to life. There was another significant celebration as well. It was 75 years since the first hill climb event at Rob Roy and Clintons Pleasure Grounds. That first event was run by the Light Car Club of Australia.
The photos below are from the day's event, mixed with a few from my collection that were included in my book on the history of Rob Roy hill climb. The black and white show the same cars as they were and mirrored with the way they are today. It's good to know that there are enthusiasts out there that have a sense of pride to preserve our motor racing heritage.


  1. It takes a lot to beat a shiny, gleaming car, whatever its' age.

  2. Even the sun was shiny cw. Even I was at my age

  3. Looks as if you had a really good day out. It amazes me how much people put into their old cars, restoring them is not cheap, and only on the very rare car will you ever get your money back if you should decide to sell. Keep well Diane

  4. Diane
    I know people that have had cars since their early 20s. I know you miss your 356.

  5. Yeah! Those vintage cars are really a pride and treasure that they can be proud of. It’s good to know there are people who preserve these kinds of cars until today. If I have a chance to put my hands on a vintage car, I will make sure it will last and will be used by generations of our family.


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