Thursday, November 22, 2012

Le Louroux & Le Grand Pressigny

We left Tours after a discovery walk along the market area and some of the back streets to find some really nice shops. An overnight stay was not long enough and one day we need to return to appreciate this city more.

Our day would eventually take us on a journey to catch up with an English couple whom we rented a little cottage in the village of Thenay, near Pontlevoy. Further down the road is Montrichard and the Cher river.
Our Tom Tom took us on a drive that went by a village of Le Louroux - we didn't know this at the time but with a little research on Google Earth, I only now just rediscovered the place that we explored by chance.
What did capture our interest was the Prieure du Louroux, which seemed to be deserted or at least being brought back to life as the buildings seemed to have some minor restoration happening.

We were the only two there and we wandered through the grounds and peeked inside the buildings without any other company. It was a little strange, very quiet except for the occasional flapping wings of a pigeon or bat being disturbed as we poked our heads inside doorways. I wish we had more knowledge of the property and I guess it had many stories to tell of its past history.

Could this have been a local cycling event and my bike was in the car - but alas, we would be in Paris on April 5.
We also wanted to visit the village of Le Grand Pressigny, a place where fellow Bloggers Jean and Nick spend there every moment when they can, however on this occasion they were back in the UK. I can understand why they love their second home as we explored the village and even enjoyed a coffee in the square. As we sat there in the square, we watched the locals buying produce from the mobile vans that were selling their wares. Later we went up the hill to view the Chateau that has been under restoration. It was a short visit as we then needed to find our way to visit more fellow Bloggers, Simon and Susan, oh yes and to meet Celestine, their Citroen Traction Avant.

We left by way of Rue Saint Martin and as luck would have it, and much to Sue's surprise, I found the local cycling velodrome, just by chance. Who would have thought that Le Grand Pressigny would have both a Chateau and a velodrome.
Leaving Le Grand Pressigny, I discovered this velodrome and sports ground - I wonder if it's used any longer. Maybe Jean and Nick could enlighten me.
Funny how certain similar interests can draw people together. I'm not sure now how we stumbled upon Simon and Susan's blog or maybe someone recommended it. They were kind enough to take us for a drive in Celestine and even offer us a glass of the local wine and nibbles - a very pleasant afternoon it was. Since that visit in 2010, we continue to follow their adventures in France, their business of taking tourists to Chateaux in Celestine and the project of restoring their home.

Celestine sits outside her barn behind the home of Simon and Susan.
We actually stayed longer than we expected as we had to meet up with our friends Carole and Michael.
I'll post some pictures of the drive they took us on next Wednesday and our following two days.


  1. I have never had the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers in the flesh, so it must be nice to spend time with people who have become blogging friends. And meeting Celestine must have been a bonus!

  2. There are so many bloggers in that area it is amazing. Of course we were lucky enough to meet most of them when Martine was in town.
    Some great photos here, I love it when the Tom Tom finds unhidden treasures, though sometimes it also puts us in places we would rather not be :-)
    We had a drive around a very local place today that we have never seen before and it was amazing. Probably my next post.
    Have a good weekend. All the best from us both, cheers.


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