Friday, January 20, 2012

One of those "lets do it moment" things

It was one of those, "lets do it moment" things. Sue and I have been members of the MG Car Club since 1982 but the last 12 years we have been involved in other things.
The Club mag advertised the mid-week lunch run, something that started as we were changing our life. I'd retired from Club committee work after 12 years and returned to my cycling passion.
We rang a few lovely friends who were still heavily involved with the Club and I said, "Let's do it" and they agreed. We felt a little uneasy with our rest from Club activities. We need not to have been.
We renewed friendships as it was only yesterday.
Some were a little rickety and a decade had caused them a little discomfort but their passion for Mg's still burned fiercely.
It was a good day.

The MG Car Club entered our life in 1982 - we even spent our honeymoon on an MG Car Club National Meeting in Hobart, Tassie. Now that's passion......

The lunch run attracted 70 people - mostly retirees with a love of MGs.

MG's both old and new, much like the drivers.

The odd infiltrator joined us but Oh sooo gorgeous, who could say no to such a curvaceous beast.
I wonder what our weekend will bring - there's a long slow ride down along the peninsula Saturday morning, dinner at home with friends and household jobs on Sunday - must be some blog material there.
Catch ya Monday AM readers.


  1. I used to love the car runs when we were in S.Africa, this sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. Bon week-end. Diane

  2. Wonderful cars!
    Have a good time and I look forward to reading all about it.

  3. Diane I know yo have this passion for cars as we do.
    The weekend seems to be another of Sue's impromtu cookathons again.

  4. Hi Gaynor - We enjoy reading your blog.
    The cars are what cement the friendships, even after many years for us being out of the loop.

  5. The idea of driving along in an open top car, which unlike modern cars was built some time ago to last, with the sun on your back and the breeze in your hair is totally at odds with the cold, wet and windy weather that we are currently having in the UK. Roll on the summer!

  6. CW, may I call you that? My son is in the UK for the next two years and he's never had to endure more that single figures in winter.
    We've had some fun in our classics over the years but I'm afraid our current MG is a 2005 sedan but it does have a sun roof.


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