Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello Leonardo

We woke early, had breakfast and headed for the Amboise market.
Our host, Carole recommended that we get there early as it is supposedly the largest in the area. We arrived at 8.20 am but we were too early. Store holders were only just setting up so we wandered over the road to a Patisserie.
A coffee and a little quiche each became our second breakfast for the morning. Sue said it was the best she had ever tasted.
Back to the market and before I knew it, Sue had the ingredients for the nights dinner. A rabbit, some tiny green beans and a mountain of white (albino) asparagus.

Certainly the market was on our agenda but the main reason to visit Amboise was to say "Hello to Leonardo". Ambroise was the home to Leonardo da Vinci in his final years.
The Manor House Le Clos-Luce was a present from Francois I to Leonardo as an enticement to live in France where he could live out his final years.

The grounds abound with images and models of Leonardo's amazing inventions as does the basement of the Manor. The visit took up much of our day that we missed an opportunity to see the famous Chateau d'Amboise - oh, well maybe next time.

It had been a long day and Sue was looking forward to the comfort of our cosy cottage and cooking her bunny. We returned by way of Montrichard to find some Wifi to check our emails. It was Mother's Day and the boys left messages for Sue.

The rabbit was braised in a white wine with thyme and rosemary and served with sauteed potatoes and green beans. While in Montrichard, we found a patisserie where we purchased some lemon tarts for afters.
We most probably also drank too much wine but that's not unusual when you have such a wonderful choice in the Loire. Chinon, Samur, Vouvray, all lovely wines.

It was a big day out - it wouldn't be the only one. We had some big plans to see as much as possible while in the Loire.


  1. We visited the Clos Lucé twice. Why twice? Because the first time we hardly saw anything for the groups of school children pushing their way around the place. They were extremely noisy and not on their best behaviour (and that's an understatement).The second time was much better, and we really enjoyed it. Wouldn't mind going back a third time ...:)

  2. Great photos, definitely on the list of places to see. I love his paintings.
    I hope that Sue's foot is OK. Take care! Diane

  3. Martine, I agree - many times just to enjoy the gardens.

  4. Hi Diane,
    Yes - her foot is on the improve but I suspect she might be prolonging her recovery while I am her obedient servent.


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