Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Made-Up Recipe

You might have read Friday's post on our visit to the Prahran Market - well there was no cookathon Friday night as we were invited to join friends for dinner before seeing the Tintin 3D movie at the local cinema complex. So the cookathon was transferred to Saturday night but some of the enthusiasm was lost.

The pork fillet prepared with the ingredients explained below and ready for the oven.

Sue says,
"No cook-a-thon on Saturday either. I lost interest a bit. I slit  the pork fillet, added  sweet chilli and lime sauce, feta cheese slices, spinach and black pepper, and then refolded it over and pinned it together with a couple of toothpicks.
I made a tomato sauce by sauteing a shallot in some butter, then adding tinned tomatoes, salt, pepper, a little sugar and a healthy slurp of balsamic vinegar and cooked it down a little.
Popped the pork in a pan sloshed on the sauce and into a moderate oven for 20 minutes or so.
The pork was then sliced onto cheesy polenta with broad beans on top, it was yummy. Not much effort either which is very good. Win, win. Planning on cooking the squid tonight. Salt and pepper squid I think".

My photo doesn't do justice to Sue's cooking - We really did enjoy the flavours of this meal and the bed of polenta gave it that contrast of colour and texture.

What meal doesn't end well with coffee and port - but no cigar.
Thought I might delay the publishing of this post until Sunday night's dinner - that salt and pepper squid sounded interesting for a night in front of the telly.
And it was - Sue couldn't finish all of hers so I helped out - that's how good it was.

Since presenting Sue with an iPad 2 for Christmas, she's had a "Mac Attack" and went out and bought an Apple TV thingy that connects to your telly so you can rent or buy movies/books/music through your internet and then play them back wirelessly to the telly - well I'll be! There's even something that allows you to store all this stuff in cyberspace called "iCloud". We now have all our computers sharing music and movies.

What will they invent next - these clever folk from Apple?


  1. That pork fillet looks yummy even if the enthusiasm had disappeared. Our squid was delicious, sure yours will be as well.
    I would not know what to do with an iPad! I still have my very old Nokia mobile that came with me from S.Africa in 2001 LOL. Diane

  2. What a high-tec household you are - we are not that well organised - have music facilities in every room but many knobs need twiddling to hear anything.....!!

    Your dinner looks delicious and being able to cook ad lib like that is the sign of a good cook !!

  3. Diane - We had the squid on Sunday night. Sue wasn't that interested in having an iPad now she can't put it down. I think it maybe a great travelling tool next May.

  4. Jean - Music in every room is good.
    I remember our 1st TV where you had to get off the couch and have great big biceps to swivel the enormous channel changing knob.
    Yes, Sue is a great cook and so sometimes eating out can disappoint her.

  5. Yummo! your pork fillet looks delish and I love your use of words Sue - "sloshed on the sauce" sounds exactly what I would say!
    Now I lashed out and bought myself an iPad 2 for Christmas and absolutley love it - but can we blog directly from it??
    must check out that tv thingo.

  6. Dianne, Can't see why you couldn'post from the iPad. Just need an adapter for the camera card or use the iPad as a camera, login into your blog and "Bob's ya Auntie".


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