Friday, January 06, 2012


Friday is another market day at the Prahran Market, one of our favorites, mainly because of their produce, not their prices. Prahran has that hard to get produce and it also has Essential Ingredients - a shop that takes much of Sue's meandering time.

A great Market is Prahran - a touch trendois but great produce.
The shoppers are interesting as much is the produce...
 For me, it's that coffee stop before shopping begins. I need to fuel up so that I can successfully become Le Mule...
There's this great cafe that serves all manner of coffee styles and blends. A light snack to go with coffee and I'm ready to accommodate the demands of a frantic foodie shopper.

I'm a bit like this bloke when I go shopping with Sue.

But that first cup of coffee sparks me up and gives me the energy to follow with the shopping basket.
 The Market itself proclaims to be one of our oldest, "still active" markets. Not sure if I believe this claim with earlier markets that existed but they have closed their doors. The Vic Market I would have thought to be older...

Mango's - ten bucks a box, wow!!!!

Bananas - Avocados - Rock melon (Cantaloupe), yep, it's summer.
The other reason for going to the Prahran Market is Sue's passion for the Essential Ingredients shop and her addiction for marinated baby figs - the books - the utensils - well just about everything they sell that is except chocolate. I like the chocolate.

HER favourite shop and the main reason to visit the Prahran Market.

The reason to be here - the baby figs.

Oh yes, and the cook books.

How about this meat slicer.
Would you like a new mix master?

I'm not entirely sure what she bought from the superb meat market so I'll let her tell you - I'm just looking forward to Saturday night's meal.

Now what did we buy Sue?
"Frantic food shopper?" Frantic? That's a bit harsh I would have thought. Somewhat enthusiastic perhaps...
Essential ingredients is a wonderful shop! NOT cheap.   But...they have everything. Those marinated baby figs are extra yummy and a small jar is expensive but lasts a long time. They have terrific delis with wide ranges of cheeses, breads, pastas, dips - lots and lots of interesting things.
Prahran Market again is not cheap for meat. But it has a huge variety that can be hard to obtain other places and it always seems to be excellent quality and cut with care.
Today I bought squid. Jig caught in Bass Strait.
Pork fillets - female and free range from the Otway Ranges
Very pale veal slices for schnitzel
Beef mince - hmmm big deal not
Duck breasts -yummy yum - a treat given their price
Big bunches of parsley and of coriander (still with its roots on - the strongest bit)
I think that's all. I had plenty of veg and fruit in the fridge already, although the strongly scented boxes of mangoes for $10 a tray almost did me in, but I resisted.
Leon doesn't know it yet, but we are going to have a cook-a-thon this weekend. As long as it's not too hot!

Oooooh, what a lucky boy am I....


  1. Wow, what a great place! I think I could spend an entire day there and come out with an empty bank account! :) Martine

  2. Martine - empty wallets are our life. Cant take it with you.

  3. I think it is best I don't visit you, I would blow all my holiday money there!! Strange we had squid last night and duck for Christmas, similar tastes it seems. Duck breasts are not cheap here so we were lucky to get a whole duck on special for Christmas. My bottled figs that I do myself last no time at all once the bottle has been opened!! Diane

  4. Diane - it does sound like you and Sue have similar culinary tastes. I must admit to salivating while reading your Xmas lunch post.
    We maybe having a cook up tonight.
    Something to post about tomorrow.

  5. Lucky you, being able to go shopping in such a place. And I like your comment "if it's not too hot".......our central heating packed up tonight. Luckily we have a coal fire to heat the living room but the rest of the house is freezing.....the engineer will be here tomorrow, we hope.

    Looking forward to reading about what Sue cooked for you....!!


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