Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leaving Cordes-sur-Ciel we travelled the twisty back roads towards our 2 night stay in Vers, not far from Cahor in the Lot.
Our next stop before reaching Vers from Cordes was Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val which sits on the banks of the Aveyron River. I’m not sure if we planned to stop here, maybe we did, but it was worth sacrificing the fast trip up the motorway to discover this lovely village. We approached Saint Antonin from the south and crossed the river but not before taking a photo of the “Stairs of the Promenade des Moines”.

The Stairs of the Promenade des Moines taken from the south of the Aveyron River.
We drove up the main road and parked the car so that we could enjoy a bite to eat. Not knowing much about the village we decided to walk the back streets and follow our noses. You might miss some sights that way but you discover others. Wandering the narrow lane ways, crossing small walkways over narrow streams, we discovered an open square with a large covered Halle. It wasn’t market day so we had the whole square almost to ourselves – it was time to enjoy a light snack while enjoying the spring early afternoon.

Sue wanders the lane ways of Saint Antonin - Yes Sue I'm still here but I need to take another photo.

This small waterway, surrounded by greenery appeared to my left down a narrow pathway.

She's smiling but she's really saying, "It's lunch time, order food and buy a bottle of Rose."
And that's a very cute 2CV in the background with the covered market. OK, so is Sue, cute I mean.

Back to the car to reach our destination of Vers, it was difficult to leave Saint Antonin Noble Val, but that's the way of travelling to your next destination.
In reflection, isn't a bonus by staying off the motorways?
Time was running away from us and we were only halfway to Vers and allowing our GPS, (Tommy) to take us without motorways, we found ourselves zig-zagging our way from Saint Antonin to Caussade and then to Limogne (not to be confused by Limoges, that comes later) on the D911.
We finally reached Vers late afternoon and as we parked the car there happened to be a Peugeot 307 with an MG Racing sticker. Being both the owner of a 307 and an MG Car Club Melbourne member, I couldn’t let an opportunity to go by without a chat to the owner. I introduced myself to discover he and his wife were from Belgium and on holiday for a few days. We also discovered that he was an actor of some sort and had a role in a Belgium Soapy as a barman. Maybe some of our European readers can tell us what that might be.

Vers had very little to offer in the way of restaurants and so we decided to walk across the road to a small café bar for dinner. Think we had pizza and a glass of wine before have an early night. It was fun as once again we had an opportunity to have a chat with locals. I think I might take after my Dad who chats up anyone in talking distance.

With a two night stay, I was looking forward to taking the bike out of the car to explore the surrounding area of Vers on the Lot.

Relaxing after a long drive from Albi, via Cordes and Saint Antonin. Check out Sue's smile.
The product of a very wonderful day's experience.
And I felt the same - More wonderful sights and experiences were still in front of us.
Sue speaking: All lovely...how romantic. Yeah, sure. I specifically booked our room with the mini waterfall right outside our window. And as we had our glass of wine in the afternoon, I congratulated myself on a wonderful idea.  BUT....it kept on during the night and we both had to get up and go to the toilet about a million times!  Slight exaggeration...I'm just saying..
Thanks Sue - Toooo much information Dear.


  1. Lovely photos and an interesting post, thanks.
    And the sound of running water would also have kept me in the loo all night!

  2. I think I sleep too soundly for that to happen but Sue sucumbs to that, as well as being woken by my snoring occasionally.
    It was a delightful village but I don't think my photography does it justice - but thanks for the compliment.


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