Thursday, April 21, 2011

Funky Friday - at last

Funky Friday returns with an extended long weekend - Yes, Good Friday, the weekend and Monday make for four days rest, but wait - that's not all as the man on the commercial said, "do you want steak knives with that?"
What is he talking about do I hear you say - well here in Australia we also have ANZAC Day falling within Easter and that means we get Tuesday off as well.
Seeing that for some reason our workload has become very busy lately and we should feel grateful that we are busy, I thought that this little clip might give an indication of why I can use a looooong weekend.

Here's wishing you a happy and safe Easter with family and friends.

A little something about ANZAC Day as well.


  1. I cannot play these clips with my slow connection here in France :-( but we wish you a very Happy Easter. Diane & Nigel

  2. I am extremely sorry that you can't watch the soooo funny Peter Sellers clip. You may need to move to Melbourne. Hello Nigel, I don't think we have met yet. You must say hello soon.
    PS - Can you access you Tube?
    Peter Sellers Hard Days Night

  3. And Happy Easter back - enjoy your about to be summer.


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