Friday, April 29, 2011

Is Edna Funky enough for Friday

Graffiti can be a bit of a blight on the community, but with thousands of years of this "art" its hard to ignore. I think we all consider tagging (someones name or initials) a bit senseless and even vandalism. Then there's the clever or even whimsical.
I once saw some graffiti that said, "What would you do if God came to Carlton" and the answer below from someone else said something like "let him play full forward". To be expected in a football town like Melbourne. My memory fails me a little, but you get the general picture.
I even saw tagging on the many buildings in our travels through France and Italy. This was back centuries ago and instead of a pressure can - a sharp steel instrument was possibly used.

Back to this graffiti I saw in Melbourne recently - It was of our self proclaimed Dame, Edna Everage. I like this form of graffitti which is a paper stencil and so easily removed too. But not this one of Dame Edna. It still exists, obviously others like it too.



  1. If only all graffiti could be this good!

  2. I believe she's in London at the moment - like her specs!


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