Friday, December 25, 2009

A Table set for Twelve

Twelve family members sat down to celebrate Christmas, well 14 really, because this year, the twins experienced their first Christmas. Sue's niece Pheobe and her husband Brad sat their "not yet one year old" twins at the end of the table. What a great experience for them (and us). We all played musical babies with them during the day.
The day started with an open house breakfast with friends and family joining us for Champagne and orange juice, with Sue's home made pate, ham and cantaloupe. The weather was perfect being in the mid-20s and a slight wind. Presents were exchanged with much hugging and kissing between those that had to go off to their family dinners.

Our Christmas dinner was at Sue's brother John and sister-law Jan's home which overlooks the bay.
I have to say this Christmas lunch was probably the best with the biggest turkey perfectly cooked by Andrew (who flew down from Sydney) and the most succulent chicken (cooked by John) and the pork (cooked by Louise). Sue did the vegetables of sweet potato, potato, parsnips and pumpkin. Add to this long green beans and the gravy from the turkey juices. It was all very yummy and very much a family affair.

With so much food it seems a sin not to look to seconds and most of us did. Oooops, did we leave enough for desert, and did I hear you say there was a choice between plum pudding or mango misu with rasberry sauce. I had both, wish I didn't as I write this.

Oh well, all we can do now is sleep it off.
Hope you all had a great Christmas.


  1. Your table looks lovely and the food....yummy !!

  2. Hi Jean, It was yummy and so was the company but today I joined my cycling friends to shed the calories.

  3. That turkey looks like something out of 'the perfect cook book'. My mouth is watering just looking at it!.

    BTW, I love your new header. Did you take the photo yourself? It's superbe! Martine

  4. Martine,
    The new header is part of Melbourne on the banks of the Yarra River. The area is called Southbank and every Boxing Day we ride there from home for coffee and breakfast. Its a tradition with my cycling friends.
    I can't admit to taking the photo, it came from a Melbourne website.


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