Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No blog last weekend!!!!

The weekly blog last week just didn't happen. It was one of those weeks where before you knew, it was gone. Lots of things happened but nothing happened.

With only two weeks before we take annual leave, work has been hectic and the social side of catching up with people leaves no "our time".
This coming Saturday, Sue's relatives arrive. They come from Virginia and she has never met them. Both her brother and sister have been the the east coast and spent time with them. I'm looking forward to meeting them and showing off parts of Melbourne, especially our bay area.

Oh, yes. Another problem. My laptop hard drive crashed over the weekend so I'll use that as another excuse for not blogging.

I have a blog in mind on Melbourne's upside down river, the Yarra. Since settlement, the Yarra River has changed from a pristine waterway where our natives fished and hunted to an ugly dirty drain for the growing industrial factories along it's banks in the 1800s and early 1900s, It has now returned to its former self and is a playground for rowers and wildlife and fish have returned to its waters.
More on that next weekend.


  1. December is so hectic anyway, don't feel sorry for not posting. Enjoy your relatives and have fun.

  2. Missed your blog but sometimes other things must take priority. Bet Sue will be 'cooking up a storm' for the relatives! Hope you enjoy getting to know them better.
    Carol & Michael

  3. Ta for the support. Dinner tonight just might be titled, "Bloggers Dinner".
    Let you know in the morning.
    Sue is cooking up a storm and its only Wednesday.


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