Thursday, December 24, 2009

An afternoon at the Sth Melbourne Market

The view of the market while sipping a nice cool ale on a sunny afternoon before Christmas.

I'd raced (cycling) in the morning and arrived home just after noon and feeling (toooo much my time) guilty, I said to Sue, "let's pop into the South Melbourne Market and check out the Chef's Hat."
The Chef's Hat is one of her favourite kitchen shops. Her real favourite is Essential Ingredients near the Prahran Market (earlier blog).

The Chef's Hat has everything the serious cook could ever desire at the right prices.

I love South Melbourne and have written about it before. It reminds me of some of the French cities we have experienced such as St Remy de Provence. Sitting at the George Hotel having lunch and a nice cold beer on a sunny afternoon brings back memories. The world passes by with cars, cyclists, scooter riders and pedestrians mingling together and showing a patience and courtesy that is not always acknowleged further out in the suburbs.

Our first stop naturally was the Chef's Hat. This was the perfect place for finding Christmas presents for Sue.
She paticularly wanted a paella dish. Having seen the huge paella dishes at the provincial village markets in France, Sue wants to try this at home. We found what she wanted with much discussion on the best to buy from the choices available. Secretly she really wanted a Nespresso machine but being budget minded, really didn't want that much spent on her. The Chef's Hat had it on special. After much humming and harring (OK spell-check, I know this doesn't work for you), I twisted Sue's arm and bit the bullit. She is so excited with her Christmas presents.

After lunch and a cold ale at the George, we wandered off to the Market where we bought some veggies and some great mangoes and avocados. Even mid-afternoon, there were heaps of activity, especially from the store-holders trying to sell off the last of the produce at reduced prices. It was a delight to just let the atmosphere flow over the top of you and take in the interactions between people.

Mangoes and avocados at the end of the market day sell at realistic prices.

Across the street was a serious coffee place, and so we enjoyed an expresso before driving off home.

Sue can't wait for Christmas morning to use her new presents.

We have a small open house Christmas morning with family and friends popping in for the tradition Champagne and orange juice. Sue make's her own Pate which is very popular with the guests. Also on the table are ham slices, bread sticks and fresh fruit. I'm afraid we probably offer a little too much before our guests wander off to a fully over the top Christmas lunch.
We will be sitting down with about 18 family members tomorrow, but more about that in a day or two.

All the very best for Christmas to you all and have a healthy and safe 2010.

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  1. Dear Sue and Leon, Inspite of the exotic temperatures, your Christmas shopping looks so 'cool'. Over here, it's hectic and you are glad to get OUT of the shops. It's as if there is a food rush going on, with people buying tons of food in fear of starving over the coming days !!

    Have a lovely Christmas Eve and best wishes for the New Year ! Martine


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