Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Blogger's Dinner

Yes, I know it's only Wednesday and Sue usually gets her cooking inspirations on Friday nights. Well she's just finished 3 weeks of emergency teaching and in her first week off work, the kitchen has been calling her. It said Sue, Sue, Sue, weave your magic, I am here waiting for you......

After a hectic day driving all over Melbourne I popped into "Uncle Dan", my favorite wine cellar. Thinking I would purchase a Sancerre or a Vouvray, I finished up buying a chilled Western Australian Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend from the Margaret River region.

When I arrived home, there it was, a whole snapper lying there with open dead-pan eyes ready for the oven.

A lettuce from the wheel barrow garden, tomato, onion and avocado lay waiting for a baked potato with sour cream before the snapper was placed on the plate. Yummmmmm.

A 15 year old port and coffee, wash the dishes and off to bed - goodnight all.

PS - My 21 year old prefers snags!!!!!


  1. That fish is very fresh. It looks like a very healthy, lovely meal.

  2. Sue and Leon, check this blog out (she is a friend of Jilly of Menton daily photos)

  3. Nadege,
    That first photo brought back memories of our 2008 trip. As we passed thru the gates of Avignon we walked past that Cafe. Thanks for the recommendation. I have saved it as a favourite.
    Just got back from the airport after picking up Sue's long lost relatives from Virginia Beach.
    Tonight's BBQ should be fun.


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